Giotto’s Campanile

Giotto’s Campanile; an early exercise in perspective, and an excellent companion for the Duomo.

For reasons of preservation, the originals of Pisano’s exquisite lozenges, which adorn the walls of this elegant Gothic tower at the ground level, have been removed to the nearby Museo dell’Opera del Duomo, and replaced with copies.


Giotto's Campanile - wall aGiotto's Campanile - wall b

Giotto's Campanile - wall b2Giotto's Campanile entrance - detailGiotto's Campanile entrance - detail 2

Giotto's Campanile entrance

Giotto's Campanile 14Giotto's Campanile 1Giotto's Campanile 2Giotto's Campanile 4Giotto's Campanile 5Giotto's Campanile 6Giotto's Campanile 7

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Giotto's Campanile 8Giotto's Campanile 10Giotto's Campanile 11Giotto's Campanile 12Giotto's Campanile 13


The view

View from Campanile 8View from Campanile - BaptisteryView from Campanile 3View from Campanile 1View from Campanile 2View from Campanile 4View from Campanile 5View from Campanile 6View from Campanile 7View from Campanile 8View from Campanile 9View from Campanile 10View from Campanile 11View from Campanile 12View from Campanile 13


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