Where to begin – is there any city more beautiful or more steeped in artistic endeavour?

I would like to explore the churches, palaces, museums, piazzas, monuments and streets of this wonderful place. Eventually, perhaps, I will also examine that which has been described as genius and civil ferocity, intimately meshed – its politics and history.

I will visit such places as the beautiful Boboli Gardens with the magical Grotto of Buontalenti, follow Vasari’s Corridor in both direction and conception, and admire the work of fantastic characters, such as master goldsmith, sculptor, musician, story teller and warrior, Benvenuto Cellini.


Emily Cray’s magnificent photo of the Ponte Vecchio

This lovely photograph reveals Vasari’s corridor in its most recognisable section – abreast the Ponte Vecchio

 Take a short cut here to visit some of the delights of Florence:

The Boboli Gardens

The Gates of Paradise

Giotto’s Campanile

Florentine Museums & Galleries

The Ponte Vecchio

A grand selection of Chapels & Basilicas

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