Experiments in the creation of leadlight and stained glass windows.

 My favourite stained glass artists are Georges Roualt and the incomparable Marc Chagall. Dream on…

Everyone must begin somewhere…

Project front door

The task: to refurbish the tatty front door at Joe and Em’s place.

To replace the frosted glass window pane with something which will inject a little light and colour into the hallway.

Do not despair! The fabulous flying ducks are not on the endangered list – they will find a new home – maybe the back door?

front door with ducks
Existing front door glass with ducks on screen door
the task...
the task…
that's about the size of it!
that’s about the size of it!


I begin the process by designing a template over which the glass and lead came will be cut and assembled

1 glass all cut
glass cut over pattern
assembling with lead came
assembling with lead came

As the assembly progresses it is constrained by horse shoe nails

3 soldered and puttied
soldered and puttied

With the glass and came fully assembled, each lead joint is soldered. The whole assembly is then flipped and the joints are soldered again, on the flip side. Putty is meticulously applied along the length of every section of lead came, between lip and glass, a process also repeated for both sides of the window. The glass is buffed with English whiting, and finally the lead is blackened to a deep finish with Stove Polish.



Et voila!

5. voila


Propped against a window overlooking my back garden

She is a thing of rare beauty, n’est-ce pas?

and… months later:

finally fitted - at last!
finally fitted – at last!
renovations in progress - the big picture
renovations in progress – the big picture
inside - new window with Lil
inside – new window with Lil

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2 thoughts on “Leadlight”

  1. Thanks Norman. It was certainly worth it. We’re all really pleased with the results. The colourful light in the passageway adds to the magic of the day

  2. Hi Lee
    I am very impressed
    Must have taken you hours.
    I will be answering your war and peace email very soon.

    Best wishes


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