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Australian politics – AHRC, Australian Constitution, Social Justice issues

Australian Politics and Government

I have created a new page on Australian Politics and Government which also provides access to to the Australian Commonwealth Constitution Act, and Quick and Garran’s Commentaries on the Constitution of the Commonwealth of Australia (from the University of Sydney library). It includes my comprehensive notes on Dr. Nick Economou‘s illuminating Monash lectures on Australian Politics.

This page has a fully inter-active table of contents, and is fully searchable from within by using the usual ‘Control F’ find function. This is particularly useful when searching for all instances of an idea (such as ‘separation of powers’ for example). Check it out: from anywhere within the Australian Politics and Government page, press the ‘Ctrl’ + ‘F’ keys and then type “separation”

Click here to access Australian Politics & Government

Watch This Space

Things to come:  Pages/Blogs/Essays/Galleries in the offing:

Australian Politics and Government

This should be riveting, ahem. No, Really. My lecturer for this subject was Nick Economou, and my tutor was Zareh Gazarian. Both these gentlemen are frequently sought for their expert opinion by the ABC and the Australian news media in general. IMHO Nick is one of the most entertaining and engaging political commentators in the country; a veritable mine of salient and fascinating information on Australian political process and history. My intention is simply to transcribe my notes of his insightful and entertaining lectures. They make great reference material across the spectrum of our country’s wild colonial political landscape.

Life and Culture in ancient Greece and Rome

beginning with a gallery of random pictures from my days wandering over the piss-stained cobblestones of ancient Roma

Earnest James Kent:

My grandfather was an extraordinary man. Practically a youth, he survived the horrors of Gallipoli only to be sent on to the Western Front. Recently I have transcribed one of his war diaries. Following that terrible war, he introduced the benefits of electricity to the inhabitants of the pretty country town of Healesville in Victoria’s Yarra Valley, while pursuing a keen interest as a noted field naturalist.

Archaeology of Indigenous Australia

Big questions, from why the Tasmanians stopped eating fish to who painted the Kimberley ‘Bradshaws’.

Reviews from the stage and galleries

Reviews of events as they happen

Poet’s Corner

The work of some of my favourite poets

Experiments in Writing

My sounding board for ideas in, and variations on, the forms and themes commonly available in narrative practice: bio’s, novellas, fairy-tales, plays and poems. Inversion of the common tropes and experiments in inter-active reading-writing, where both reader and author contribute to a dynamic story-line.

 Melbourne Diary

Stories and pictures of some of my favourite, secret places.