Poggio a Caiano

100_4261 Poggio a Caiano

100_4262 Poggio a Caiano100_4263 Poggio a Caiano100_4268 Poggio a Caiano100_4269 Poggio a Caiano100_4270 Poggio a Caiano - Medici villa

A rare treat when, in passing, we are invited into the impressive country home of the Medici, usually off limits. Our special visit  is flavoured by fabulous and scurrilous tales of long past mischiefs, reluctantly revealed in intimate whispers by knowing attendants! There is a mysterious staircase in a rear bedroom which in reaching the ceiling comes to an abrupt dead-end… but I know where it once led, and why, and for whom it was created…

DSCN5304 Renaissance Florence students
Peter Howard and ‘Renaissance in Florence’ students – 2009

100_4272 Poggio a Caiano - Medici villa100_4271 Poggio a Caiano - Medici villa100_4273 Poggio a Caiano - Medici villa100_4267 Poggio a Caiano100_4265 Poggio a Caiano100_4266 Poggio a Caiano100_4264 Poggio a Caiano100_4274 Poggio a Caiano - Medici villa


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