‘Aura’ eBook

Please support my literary endeavours 🙂

You can purchase a digital copy of Aura for $4 Australian.

(approx $3 US, or 2.25 GBP)

“NEW”    Aura is now available in three formats: PDF for PCs, .ePub for iBooks (iPad or iPhone), and .mobi for Kindle

To order your copy:

1:  write your preferred eBook format in the comment section below, followed by your name and email address. No need to pay yet.

2: I will email you direct with your pdf, or eBook, within 12 hours (to allow for time difference – I live in Australia).

3: After you have received your copy, click on the paypal.me/LeeBraden link, below, to make your payment. Thanks 🙂

I also welcome any questions or observations you may have with regard to the text.

Happy reading

Lee Braden



2 thoughts on “‘Aura’ eBook”

  1. Hi Lee,

    Walid, your ex-colleague from NHP here, can i please have the kindle format.

    Love and always have loved your work. You are a teacher and inspiration to many including me.

    Already paid with paypal account under BigBackGripsAustralia by the way.

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