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Useful tips and techniques to help with accessing web based information

Tips and Hints

Handy search techniques

Windows based systems – desk tops / laptops:

This site’s in-built search utility (the green magnifier symbol found on the top RH corner of the graphics area) only searches for whole pages, within this site, which relate to the search term, but does not directly locate the specific subject matter. To locate the specific information use the traditional windows search command as follows:

  1. Having navigated to the relevant page (e.g. Australian Politics and Government) position the cursor over the graphics area and click the left mouse button. This places focus on the page.
  2. Press the ‘F’ key while holding down the ‘Ctrl’ key – this is the standard Windows text ‘Find’ command which causes a search input field to appear on, or below, the ribbon at the top of the screen.
  3. Type your search term (for e.g. ‘preferential’) in the search field which has opened at the top. As you type the word or phrase, the interactive search begins highlighting the relevant results as they are found throughout the page. You can try it now, as you read this page. Search for the word ‘preferential’ and you will see the ensuing results as you type. Ultimately the total of the instances found is shown to the right of the search field. You can use the up and down arrows, adjacent to this result, to cycle up or down through the instances found.

Searching web pages on Digital Devices – iPads, etc

With IOS based devices the search is invoked differently:

  1. From within the (Safari) browser, locate the page required for the search (e.g. Australian Politics and Government).
  2. Type the required search term (using the same e.g. – preferential) in the URL locator field at the top of the browser page. This will cause a ‘results’ window to drop down as you type. The top section of this drop down window is populated by the search engine results from across the web. Beneath these results there is a section headed ‘On This Page’. This section returns the result for the current web page. In our example (Australian Politics & Government page) it shows –  On This Page       Find “preferential”     44 matches
  3. Tap on the highlighted ‘On This Page’ text
  4. The system jumps to ‘1 of 44 matches’
  5. Use the left or right arrows at the bottom of the screen to scroll through to the next result


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