Valley of the Mugello

On this page: the Medici country villa, Villa Medicea di Cafaggiolo; a very special, very old church; and glimpses of the town of Scarperia

100_4175 Mugello - Medici villa100_4176 Mugello - Medici villa100_4177 Mugello - Medici villa100_4178 Mugello - local church100_4179 Mugello - local church.100_4185 Scarperia100_4192 Scarperia - single handed

There is something quite curious about this clock. Can you see it? This is common for clocks from this era. The clock on the Medici Villa, pictured above, features the same curiosity. Another salient example is the clock on the tower of the Palazzo Vecchio, the town hall of Florence.

100_4180 Scarperia100_4181 Scarperia100_4182 Scarperia100_4184 Scarperia100_4186 Scarperia100_4187 Scarperia

100_4188 Scarperia100_4189 Scarperia100_4190 Scarperia100_4191 Scarperia100_4193 Scarperia100_4195 Scarperia100_4196 Scarperia100_4197 Scarperia100_4199 Scarperia100_4200 Scarperia100_4201 Scarperia100_4204 Scarperia100_4205 Scarperia100_4209 Scarperia100_4207 Scarperia


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