Tomorrow is just the beginning…






Day ends and solitude begins

With the evening revisited

There is no exit

Beneath this faint sky shadowing death

I pretend to engage

But my hands are empty

My body is no longer my own

My face has been spent

Memory fades and I am left bare

A caricature

Beneath this hollow night

Fate offered is found blinded

The echo of wanton dreams

No longer fading, now denied

Bereft of autumn’s breath I lay

A solitary leaf on a lifeless ground

In truth I rue the pain

For its honesty

The raw beauty of this brilliant light

Burning my heart

Constant in its vulnerability

Contained by its yesterday

Confounded by tomorrow

In these days of gold

I have loved the seasons




Monday 22 February 2016

Just thinking out loud…


Reluctantly I bow before my dream’s commands

I slip beneath the cowl of my coming

And cast the rainbow’s colours

Like so many pick-up sticks

Upon the field of my memories

Like Jung’s solar phallus man

This giant metronome

Beats out the time

With each breath of a distant wind

And with each breath

The speckled sea

Falls upon the sand again

And again

It is your face forever young

Your face cast upon the fire

Hiding in the shadows

Of the burning sand

glass to glass and glass to sand

And I believe in it

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