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dYnaMic aRt from the street

Urban, suburban, cool, clunky, beautiful, ugly … whatever

I live in a suburb of Melbourne. I’ve enjoyed creating this part of my web site. It needed some colour. All those churches and statues… I’m beginning this ‘street art’ section with some from my own street, almost. Give or take a couple of blocks. It’s called Henderson Road. Click here for the link to the gallery. That was fun. The graffiti is mostly Wildstyle with some cool art Pieces. I don’t know much about it other than, unlike many, I like it. I have also noticed some cool stuff nearby, in Bayswater. My next street art project, perhaps. After that I might visit some of the more serious street inner city art sites… There’s some famous stuff there, but I quite like the feel and smell of some of this unknown, random, punky stuff in the outer suburbs. Some people hate it. How about you?

Henderson Road graffiti

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